Quality Certificate authenticity verification

Welcome to the page of our service focused on verifying the authenticity of quality certificates for CherMK products (technical parameters and quality indicators) and on providing of feedback from the Manufacturer.

Electronic quality certificate

Electronic quality certificate which authenticity is verified on the site of PAO Severstal with valid electronic signature shall be acknowledged as an electronic document equivalent to a hard copy document signed by hand affixed with seal, and can be used in any legal relationships in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

Since 2019, PAO Severstal started using electronic certificates for the shipped steel products. Each certificate is signed with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with Part 4 Art.5 of the Federal Law dd 06.04.2011 No.63-FZ “On electronic signature”.

  • To verify the electronic signature for the documents used in domestic market you should install the root certificate Qualified_bin from page, and also КриптоПро PDF or use online verification service justsign.me
  • To verify electronic signature for export documents you should install root certificates from the page mentioned above (in this case signature verification will be done by the standard Adobe tools).

How to verify Quality certificate?

Dear Client!

As a part of client-oriented approach improvement, PAO Severstal offers to you a new service maintaining online authenticity verification for certificates related to the products of CherMK.

Certificate verification procedure is described below:

  1. Fill out the form below with details of the verified quality certificate (number, date, verification code of certificate), pass the computer-aided control test and press the «Verify» button.

  2. Compare all the data of the verified Quality certificate.

    Matching of the data means that the certificate is in compliance with the Quality certificate issued by PAO Severstal. Otherwise the certificate is a counterfeit.

  3. If you detect a counterfeit certificate or if you need to send a message to the Manufacturer, please fill out a special form to contact with the Manufacturer.

Verifying the authenticity of quality certificates

All the fields in this form are mandatory.

Frequently asked questions

What shall I do if certificate data do not match?

Please report this fact through the special form of communication with the manufacturer, in which you need to fill in:

  • Details of the certificate being verified (its number, date of preparation, verification code),
  • Your personal data for feedback – email and/or phone number,
  • Description of the problem or your question to the Manufacturer on the certificate being verified.

We ask you to enter here the name of the supplier of the fake certificate, its address, phone numbers, etc.